Accenter 1.11

Add accents and special characters when using Graffiti


  • Very easy input method
  • Wide range of accents and special characters
  • Doesn't hog memory


  • Constant pop-ups can get annoying


Being of English tongue, I don't really have to face the challenge of entering accents or special characters when I'm typing.

From what I've heard from foreign friends and colleagues though, it's not always that easy, especially if you're trying to enter them using Palm's Graffiti feature, because it simply doesn't recognize them.

Accenter is designed to change all that, and allows you to enter a variety of accents used in languages such as French, Spanish and Italian, as well as giving you access to special characters such as the German umlaut and Polish and Portuguese characters.

Thankfully, adding accents and special characters with Accenter is a very painless process. As soon as you type a letter the program will pop up a selection of transparent boxes displaying possible accents. You can select an accent simply by pressing the corresponding button on your PDA's controller. If you don't want to use an accent you just keep typing.

It's a very slick system, but the constant pop-ups do become annoying after a while, so I'd recommend you disable the application when you're writing documents in English.

Nevertheless, if you regularly type in a language with accents or special characters, this is an essential Palm download.

Easily enter accented characters for European languages. Just type (or enter with Graffiti) the base letter, and you will see boxes pop up showing possible accents--if you want one, a single press of your PDA's 5-way controller (on Palm/PalmOne/Treo devices; on other devices, other keys need to be used) will select the accented letter you want.

If you don't want an accented letter, just keep on typing, and the boxes automatically disappear. This may be the fastest way of typing in German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and other European languages. You can customize the accent selection.



Accenter 1.11

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